New_How to solve "SuggestionsMailGet - Thread was being aborted" issue?

We're no longer updating this content. Check QuickFile Version 6 for information about this product.

Issue: User receiving the error in the screenshot below at every open of Outlook.


  1. Enable the QuickFile addin from the COM-Addins if it is disabled.
  2. Turn on Fast Mode from the QuickFile Settings screen. (Reason: “Fast Mode…” settings is used to stop the One-Click button from showing or refreshing so that the error does not occur and QuickFile does not disable.)
    • Go to QuickFile Setting Screen
    • Go to Advanced Tab
    • Tick “Fast Mode: Do not show One-Click buttons on Ribbons” checkbox
    • Click “OK” button to save the settings
  3. Go to the following path in AppData folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Standss Settings and rename folder called “QuickFile” to “zQuickFile”. (All indexed list is stored here)
  4. Restart Outlook and wait for about 10 seconds to allow emails to sync.
  5. Go to the QuickFile Settings screen and untick “Fast Mode: Do not show One-Click buttons on Ribbons” checkbox.
  6. Click “OK” button to save the settings.
  7. Restart Outlook and everything should be working fine now.