How can I do a Mail Merge On Behalf of another Exchange User?

In EmailMerge Pro there is a feature Send on behalf of other users (Microsoft Exchange® Only) at the last step of the EmailMerge Wizard. You should have the permission to send on behalf of that user otherwise the email will be sent using your default account.

In order to use EmailMerge Pro to send on behalf of another Exchange User you need to:
  1.   Setup Delegates to use another users account
  2.   Tell EmailMerge wizard to use a different account

This feature is not supported by EmailMerge Std version 1.x, EmailMerge Std version 2.x or EmailMerge Std version 3.x

Setup Delegates to use another users account

Microsoft Outlook has a feature that allows you to delegate other users to use your account. EmailMerge uses this feature of Outlook to allow you to send the merged e-mails using a different account to which you are a delegate.

Follow the procedure below to setup another user as a delegate for your Exchange account:
1.   Start outlook and go to your Inbox
2.   Go to Tools menu and Click Options
3.   Select the Delegates tab. Click Add to open the Add Users screen.
4.   Select a user from the list and Click Add. Multiple users can be delegated at the same
       time by selecting each user and clicking Add. Click OK.
5.   The Delegate Permissions: Administrator screen will open
6.    On this screen assign the permission that you want to the user(s) already selected from the drop down lists beside each folder. Setting permissions here will not affect the delegate using eMailMerge to send using your account.
7.    Place a tick in "Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions".
8.    Click OK.

Tell EmailMerge wizard to use a different account
Once you have been delegated to use another users account you will be able to use this account during the EmailMerge sending. In order to use the delegated account:

1.   Compose a new e-mail
2.   Carry out the EmailMerge as you normally do.
Insert m-fields into the e-mail to personalize it and Click EmailMerge PRO button on the EmailMerge Pro toolbar.
3.   Follow the on-screen instructions on the wizard.
4.   On the last step of the wizard specify the account that you want to use for sending the e-mails.
Select the "Other Account" option and type in the account name or the full e-mail address of the account that you have been delegated to use.
5.   Click Finish. The merged e-mails will be sent using the specified account.  

1.  If you choose an account for which you do not have permissions or if you enter an invalid account name, the default account will be used instead. (No error message will be displayed)
2.  Ensure that you enter the Other Account name correctly (Account name is case sensitive and must not have extra spaces)