How to use Access databases with Email Merge Version 1.x?

EmailMerge Pro Version 3.x and EmailMerge Pro 2.x is now able to work directly with Access databases. If you will be using databases often for your email merges, click here to find out more about EmailMerge PRO Version 2.x.

You can use the following work around for older versions of EmailMerge.

You can import the contacts from a Microsoft Access file (.mdb) into Outlook.

If you are using EmailMerge Pro 2 then do the following:
Start Microsoft Outlook and go to your Inbox
Click import and export on the File menu
Choose an action to perform as "Import from another program or file"
Click next
Select Microsoft Access and Click next
Browse for the file location and select appropriate actions for duplicate records
Click Next and select the destination folder for the contacts
Click Next
Click Map Custom Fields and map each fields with the Outlook fields
Click Finish.