How to use Excel spreadsheets with Email Merge Version 1.x?

EmailMerge PRO Version 3 and EmailMerge Pro 2 is now able to work directly with Excel spreadsheets. If you will be using spreadsheets often for your email merges, click here to find out more about EmailMerge PRO Version 3.

You can use the following work around for older versions of EmailMerge.

You can use EmailMerge Std by creating a new Contacts folder and importing contacts from a spreadsheet. This way the list does not interfere with your normal contacts.

To import contacts into Outlook from Excel (.xls file), follow the steps below:

1. Name the range of contacts that you want to import in Excel by the following steps:

Open the Excel file
Highlight the range of contacts that you want to import
Go to Insert -> Name -> Define
Enter a name in the window
Click Add, Click OK
Save Changes and close Excel

2. Import the named range contacts into Outlook by:
Open Outlook and go to your Inbox
Make a new contacts folder
Go to File  -> Import and Export
Choose "import from another Program or File" in the Wizard
Click Next
Select Microsoft Excel, click Next
Browse for the Excel contacts file, click Next
Select the new contacts folder that you created, click Next
The name that you gave to the range of contacts in Excel is displayed and should be checked
Click Map Custom Fields   
Drag and drop each fields from your Excel file to Outlook contacts field
Click OK
Click Finish

This will import all the contacts, in the range name that you provided in Excel, to the Outlook Contacts folder that you created.
Now these contacts can be loaded into the Wizard of EmailMerge for mail merge.